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2011 . March. 말도 많고 탈도 많았지만 이제는 어엿히 서울의 명소가 된 청계천. 브리즈번시에서 얼마전에 노먼 크릭을 서울의 청계천과 같은 명소로 만든다는 계획을 발표했다.

기사에서는 2005년 한국에서 281백만 달러를 들여 완성한 청계천 복원 공사를 간단하게 소개하면서 평소에도 홍수 위험지역으로 알려진 노먼 크릭을 홍수에 잘 견디면서 지역 주민을 위한 공원으로 탈바꿈시킬 계획이라고 한다.
브리즈번 시장인 캠벨 뉴먼은 내년부터 시작되는 이 공사는 4년이 소요될 예정이고 예산은 14.5백만 달러라고 발표했다.

올해 초 큰 홍수 피해를 보면서 각 지역마다 홍수를 예방하기 위한 방법들을 열심히 마련중인 것 같다. 작은 시내 물들이 브리즈번강으로 흘러드는 구조로 되어 있어 늘 홍수의 위험이 있는데 이번 공사로 인해 그런 위험을 낮출 수 있다고 한다.

30스퀘어 킬로미터의 노먼 크릭은 그리피스 대학교(Griffith University) 근처의 숲에서 시작해 마운트 그라바트(Mt Gravatt)를 거처 2존인 스톤즈코너(Stones Corner)까지 흐르고 있다.

노먼 크릭 계획도(Norman Creek Plan)

서울 청계천 야경(Cheonggyecheon, Seoul)

Brisbane City Council has looked to Seoul for inspiration in its bid to make Norman Creek more resistant to the threat of flooding, while also providing attractive open space.

Planners in the Korean capital spent two years transforming an ugly freeway into a natural creek system. Seoul's $281 million Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project, completed in 2005, transformed a 5.6 kilometre highway into a 5.8 kilometre riverside park. As a result, thousands of people were attracted to the park, which reduced the temperature in the area by an average 3.6 degrees.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said a similar project along Norman Creek's concrete drains could be just as successful. Cr Newman said the council would plough $14.5 million over the next four years into the project.

First, hydrology tests and a model of how Norman Creek area area might look in the future would be prepared. Cr Newman said that by eliminating the concrete pipes, any stormwater would flow slower and more manageably through the local area.

He said Norman Creek concrete drain should go. "This is the way that engineers used to do it," Cr Newman said. "You came in, you ripped out all the trees, you lined it with concrete, because you had to get the water out, had to get the water out fast.

"There is a different view around today, where yes, you need to get the water out, but there are other ways. "You can have retention basins where you can have storage along the length of the creek so that you have these buffers in the system and that in itself can help to prevent flooding."

Stream flooding would be reduced and better use can be made of the green space, either side of Norman Creek's concrete drain, Cr Newman said. The 30-square kilometre Norman Creek catchment has its headwaters in the forest land around Griffith University, around Mt Gravatt, and then runs back towards Stones Corner.

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