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LG Electronics launched the mobile phone which is named "Franklin Planner phone" on 3th of December. As you guess, the phone's features are very focused on planning schedule. For this phone's launching, they invited Stephen Covey, professional speaker and the author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
                                        <LG Flanklin Planner Phone>

I was very excited becacuse I got a chance to attend his lecture which is titled "Strategy for success in Mobile era"  ^.^

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The lecture was good though it was just one hour of time. It's very helpful to think about what I am focused on.

I'd like to summerise the point of his lecture below.

The 8th Habit
His point is find my own voice(myself) and aftet that people can inspire the others like family, organizations.....

Through the all processing above, we can get some results below;

* results
- Sustained superior performance($)
- Winning cultures of unlieased people
- Loyal promoting customers and partners
- Distinctive contribution

4 Disciplines of execution
1. Focus on the wildly important
2. Act on the lead measures
3. Keep a compelling scoreboard
4. Create a cadence of acconntability

case study :Copa Airlines
goal : be on time

Actually, the video clips he showed are very impressive. There some successful examples which are consulted by the center like Copa Airlines. The video clip showed how they archived the goal of "be on time" so finally they became the No 1. airlines in Central America now and their on time rate of arrial raised up to 91.5% from 50% in 2000. I'm not only talking about the results but also all people who work the company look very happy with their archivement.

Also, Stephen Covery emphasized that we need to start from family. If we fail from family, we can not make it from our work.

The process is more worth than the results.

* If you are interested in his lecture please visit here.
<Stephen Covey on Choosing Success>

  • Mark Heywood 2008.12.20 22:47

    I'm very proud of you Bong-sun, you have done so well and i look forward to reading your next blog.
    I miss you so much, have a good day, merry christmas and happy new year!!!
    Your chicken....

    • bong^^ 2008.12.26 19:35 신고

      Hope you are interested in those sort of subjects. I miss u too. I will put new one soon. Thank you, from your monkey^^